About Easy Fleet Service

Easy Fleet Service provides a convenient, cost effective and comprehensive service for fleet managers and small business owners. We also have a full-service shop for large trucks, vans, equipment, and trailers. We service your fleet vehicles at your location, at our shop, on the roadside and always and at your convenience. We track maintenance to keep your moving.

Why Choose Us

As a fleet owner who also operates a leasing company, I understand that when a vehicle is out of service for repair or maintenance it is not generating income. Leaving your vehicles at an off-site facility, whether it’s a garage or dealership, often results in long wait times for service and radically increased costs.

I started Easy Fleet with the goal of providing on-site, affordable repairs and maintenance solutions. Our fully equipped repair vehicles staffed with highly trained and experienced service technicians will arrive at your facility and perform all work on site. Billing is transparent and we have priority relationships with area suppliers, so should a special part be needed, it will be delivered quickly and efficiently. Call Easy Fleet today to save time, money and to keep your fleet on the road, where it belongs.

Our Testimonials